Universal applicability as a call system.

All medical and dental practice functions can be customised and scaled for individual hospital departments, clinics and institutes. People can be recorded individually or as a group. If required, with individual push notifications on modern mobile devices with a wider range of functions. The DECT standard from the 1990s is replaced by VoIP and data transfer via WLAN and GSM coverage.

Clearly organised & still accessible.

Individual institutes, departments and clinics form independent channels. People who receive calls from several departments are notified via push notification.

Involvement of patients.

Reducing care paths saves staff and time. In addition to the internal doctor and nursing staff call, patients undergoing inpatient treatment can also be included. A tablet or touch screen can be used to communicate needs to the nursing staff (e.g. request for pain medication, dressing change, feeling unwell, etc.) - the corresponding medication or material can be brought directly from the ward room.

Patients can also communicate more precisely during long, outpatient therapy sessions, e.g. in dermatology, nephrology, oncology, etc., in order to receive what they need directly.

Hospitality & Facility-Management.

The same applies to the hotel and housekeeping services. Patients can press a button to let us know if they would like tea, a snack or if there is a technical problem.

Integration of building services.

Light & temperature in the room, shutters etc. can be controlled via the user interface. Due to the different standards, customisation of the system by our IT specialists is usually necessary.

Individual needs analysis and support.

Every clinic is unique. Our team will work with you to analyse your requirements and create concepts for implementation with your IT department.