«echo charlie» is:


«echo charlie» is a web-based, multi-platform communication solution that can be use on mobile (e.g. tablets) and stationary devices (workstations)


Just select the name of the person concerned (e.g. dentist XY or optician) and where they should go (e.g. treatment room 3 or eye exam room).


Preconfigured or individual messages are sent at the push of a button. «echo charlie» also allows you to freely configure additional users, materials and rooms.

...tailored to your needs.

If you wish, calls can also be sent to a smartwatch via push notification. In this way, doctors and service providers can check and see which patients/customers are in the waiting area, even from the back office or while they are working. In addition, it allows doctors to discreetly see which patient is already seated in the next treatment room.


Are you renovating your existing (dental) practice, opening new (dental) practice or expanding your business? No problem: you can integrate as many devices as you want in the «echo charlie» system. Thanks to its web-based interface, no additional investment or wiring is required.


«echo charlie» can be linked up to medical databases (patient management software), and can automatically transfer patient names.

...good for patients & customers.

A screen in the waiting room emits a sound, alerting the next patient or customer that it is their turn. The name of the person is displayed on the screen, along with information on the consulting room/office they should go to.

Our practice is in a listed building with a historical background. Since «echo charlie» can operate with mobile devices, we have been able to use it without any modifications or p roblems and any additional complex wiring. Dr. med. dent. Alain Fontolliet, Specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry, Horgen